Katherine Doyle,  DipMu ie. BA (Hons), DipMu, DipLcm,  CT ABRSM

Over the years, piano has become my lifeline and a constant source of joy – I miss it desperately if I don’t play for a day or two! I learnt to play the piano as an adult so understand the frustrations as well as the enjoyment of learning an instrument. I have been teaching for over ten years now and, as I believe it is vital that I stay in touch with the emotions and experience of learning an instrument, I take singing lessons and examinations in Classical Singing and Music Theatre Performance– truly out of my comfort zone! I now sing in several choirs and we have successfully raised over £10,000 for charity over the past few years.

I also encourage my child pupils to raise money for Children In Need. Each year, I arrange a different sponsored activity, often with a performance element, and we usually manage to raise about £400 - £500 which makes me so proud of them. As a thank you, I hold a very crowded and somewhat riotous Christmas party which has become something of a tradition for my longstanding pupils. To quote Maisie (now 17 years old) – “choosing the Christmas carol I’m going to play at the Christmas party is the start of my Christmas”.